Company Directory

Leadership & Administration

Trey Dittmann | President

262-361-4434 ext: 179

Trey has worked in the industry for 29 years and enjoys that it is ever changing. In 2010, Trey started Frontier Title and Closing and is proud of the great staff he’s built over the years. When not at work, Trey loves to travel with his family.  

Trey has served on the Lake Country Rotary Board and various committees and is currently an active member of ALTAs (Amercian Land Title Association).

Education: UW-Madison; Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Dawn Starbuck | VP Business Development

262-361-4815 ext: 110

Dawn has worked in the industry for 32 years and fortunate to work in all departments within a title company.  These experiences have benefitted her as she has developed her career as successful sales manager and account executive, as well as an excellent resource to clients. She has been with Frontier sinces its inception in 2010 and enjoys the shared vision and core values along with the wealth of experience and knowledge within the organization. Her hobbies include traveling, motorcycling, event planning, design, and of course present wrapping, (her co-workers will yell at her if she doesn’t include this). She has two beautiful daughters, two cats, and one messy sulfur crested cockatoo!

Certified State of Wisconsin Licensed Title Examiner, Commissioned Wisconsin Notary

Dawn is a member of MBA (Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee), GMAR (Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors), and Johnson Creek Chamber of Commerce

Debbie Anderson | Receptionist/Order Entry


262-361-4466 ext: 101

Debbie has been in the business for 22 years and with Frontier since it began in 2010. She enjoys her great co-workers who make it fun to come to work and the outpouring of experience she’s always learning something new.  When not at work, Debbie loves spending time with her family of two sons and four grandchildren (soon to be five), they keep her very busy!

Sales Team

Mark Mulvaney | Account Executive

262-361-4829 EXT: 107

Mark joined the Frontier team in 2016 and loves building relationships with clients. When not working, Mark is an active person who loves to travel.  He has traveled to Europe several times and is always planning his next adventure.

Education: UW-Milwaukee; Degree in Finance

Licensed in Health & Life Insurance, Licensed Realtor, Title Insurance License

Mark is a member of MBA (Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee) and GMAR (Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors)

Christina Vitulli | Account Executive

262-361-4817 EXT: 152

Christina has been in the industry for 10 years and enjoys the social aspect of her sales position. She loves meeting new people every day and turning them into valuable business affiliates and more often than not, great friends. Christina feels that the industry is forever evolving allowing her to experience new challenges. She joined the Frontier team in 2014 and loves the close-knit family environment within the office that allows for discovering new ways of improving methods and operations in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients. When Christina isn’t hard at work, she loves music, family, food, art, culture, animals, traveling, and fitness.

Commissioned Wisconsin Notary, Resident Intermediary Title Insurance Licensee

Christina is a member of CARW (Commercial Association of Realtors), GMAR (Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors)

Brent Behling | Account Executive


Cell: 262-719-0400

Brent has worked in sales since 2011 and is new to the real estate and title industry, where he looks forward to building lasting relationships with customers. Brent joined Frontier in September 2017 and enjoys the friendly atmosphere, feeling welcome and a part of the team. When not working, Brent enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and 2 dogs. He is a passionate Wisconsin sports teams fan, enjoys giving back to his alum baseball team at Lake Country Lutheran HS, and loves being active outdoors.

Education: Concordia University Wisconsin; Business Communications & Marketing

Brent is a member of GMAR (Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors).

Jennifer Landers |Account Executive

Cell: 414-345-7860

Jennifer, a native of California, has spent 4 years in the title/real estate industry where she has loved working with clients who’ve turned into friends. Since moving to Wisconsin over 9 years ago, she joined Frontier Title recently and is motivated by the fact that everyone here loves what they do, making it easy to want to come to work every day. Jennifer enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her 9 year old son.

Jennifer is a member of the Waukesha County Business Alliance and GMAR (Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors)

Tanner Federspill | Account Executive

(414) 861-4556

Tanner is new to real estate but comes from a family that has been involved in the real estate industry for years. He has been with the Frontier team since March 2018 and enjoys speaking with those involved in the sales transactions and learning about all the aspects of the real estate industry. With his family history in the industry, Tanner has even spent a couple years doing stick frame carpentry and enjoys seeing this side of the real estate process. Tanner spends his free time staying active by participating in golf, soccer, and basketball.

He received his degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Missouri-Mizzou and is a member of the MBA and Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors.

Production Team

Callie Snyder | Production Manager

262-361-4510 ext: 159

Callie has worked in the title industry for 16 years and enjoys the fact that she is in a constantly evolving industry allowing her to continue learning. Callie has been with Frontier since the doors opened in 2010. She enjoys seeing the friendly faces of the staff each day knowing she is in an environment of all hard working, knowledgeable team players.

Education: UW-Madison; Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare

Jason Gullett | Commercial Underwriter/Counsel

262-361-4827 ext: 115

Jason has been an attorney for over three years and has been in the title insurance industry for nearly two. He enjoys direct interaction with customers and having the opportunity to make real estate transactions a pain-free process. Jason joined Frontier in 2016 and enjoys that Frontier Title & Closing Services sets itself apart from other companies with its collaborative work environment and extraordinarily knowledgeable team. When not working, Jason enjoys being a husband, father of one, and playing rugby.

Education: Law degree from DePaul College of Law, University of California, Irvine; Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Law, and Society.  He is licensed in both Illinois and Wisconsin.

Lynn Pascoe | Title Examiner

262-361-4795 ext: 182

Lynn has been in the title insurance industry since 1986 and enjoys the variety that her cases bring. She has been with Frontier since their doors opened and she believes she works with some of the best people in the business in addition to having a great management team.

Kathy Allen | Title Examiner

262-361-4767 ext: 120

Kathy has worked in the industry for 30 years and enjoys knowing there is always something new to experience or learn. She joined the Frontier team in 2015 and states “everyone is like family here; we all work together to give our customers the best service.”

Education: Bernie Robbins School of Real Estate, Marquette University Real Estate Closing Course

Hannah Mueller | Title Examiner

262-361-4466 ext: 112

Merry Kandzora | Title Examiner/Searcher

262-361-4771 ext: 165

Merry has spent 39 years in the title industry and loves the variety of situations she encounters, like mapping out properties. She has been with Frontier for 10 years and loves the customers she gets to meet and the team she works with.

Education: Waukesha County Technical College

Barb Pearson | Searcher

262-361-4709 ext: 109

Linda Sinkovits | Final Policy Specialist

262-361-4816 ext: 178

Linda has been in the title industry since 1973 and has experience with many positions from order entry to property searching and right through finalizing policies. She has worked at Frontier since 2014.

Felicia Gettler | Final Policy Specialist

262-361-4820 ext: 184

Felicia has worked at Frontier for two years and enjoys being able to assist customers at positive times in their lives. She also loves the caring and passionate staff at Frontier who makes sure every client is treated with respect. When not at work, Felicia is usually at home where she and her husband have adopted several special needs cats and recently a puppy (they are self-proclaimed “foster failures”). She enjoys animal rescue events and tries to help out as much as possible.

Education: Wisconsin Banking Institute

Construction Escrow Team

escrow@frontiertitlellc.comFAX: 262-361-4799

Brenda Fitzpatrick | Escrow Manager/Inspector

262-361-4798 ext: 131

Brenda has worked in the industry for 31 years and loves going to work every day knowing she’s helping people bring their dream of a new home to life. She has been with Frontier Title since its inception in 2010 and loves the family-like atmosphere and air of mutual respect.  

Education: UW-Madison

State Licensed Title Examiner

Brenda is a member of MBA (Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee), WA, and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders)

Angela Gasiamis | Escrow Assistant


Angela has worked in the construction industry since 2005. She is energetic, friendly, and embraces any challenges thrown her way. Angela strives to always make the client feel like her number one priority. She is dedicated to providing the best possible service and experience for her clients. Angela is a mother of two and loves spending time with her family in the outdoors enjoying all that Wisconsin has to offer.

Closing Team

closing@frontiertitlellc.comFAX: 262-361-4453

Cheryl VanOppen | Closing Manager

262-361-4643 ext: 187

Cheryl has worked in the industry for 25 years and enjoys the people she works with as well as being a part of the ‘American Dream’ of owning a home. She has been with Frontier since 2010 and loves the team atmosphere and wealth of knowledge.

Education: Illinois Central College; Certifications in Business, Real Estate, and Banking

Kim E. DeMartino | Closing Coordinator


Kim worked in banking and mortgage for 33 years before joining the title industry 5 years ago. She loves getting to work with people and building long-term relationships. Kim started with Frontier Title in June of 2017 and finds herself in a true team environment from the top down. She enjoys that everyone is willing to help get the job done. When not at work, Kim loves spending time with her fiancé and her two adult children.

Education: Powelson Business Institute

Certified Notary

Monika Ramczyk | Closing Assistant

262-361-4778 ext: 119

Monika has worked in the industry for five years and enjoys constantly learning new information. She joined Frontier in 2016 and loves working with her co-workers.

Kristine Hartmann | Closing Agent

262-361-4821 ext: 143

Kristine has 16 years of closing experience and loves the fast-paced environment of the industry along with the opportunity to meet so many different people. Kristine joined Frontier in July 2015 and enjoys that her coworkers are extremely laid back and friendly; they make coming to work enjoyable and easy. When she isn’t at work, Kristine resides in Milwaukee with her husband, daughter, a dog and a parakeet. For fun, she likes to travel, teach Zumba and Aqua fitness classes, and actively compete and perform in Latin and Ballroom dances.

Jessica Henschel | Closing Agent

262-361-4697 ext: 138

Jessica has been in the real estate industry for 14 years and enjoys how the days of a closing agent are fast-paced, ever changing, and filled with meeting new people. She has been with Frontier since 2016 and loves the great group of people she gets to work with every day.

Education: UW-Whitewater; Bachelor of Science in Economics

Wisconsin Real Estate License

Rebecca Wollet | Closing Agent

920-699-2220 ext: 121

Rebecca has been in the title industry for over 15 years. She enjoys sitting at closing tables with clients to help facilitate dreams of home ownership. She has been with Frontier since 2013 and loves the ability to work closely with her customers to create long lasting relationships. When she’s not at work, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her three children; watching and cheering them on in their various sporting events.

Education: UW-Whitewater; Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Certified Paralegal

Rebecca is a member of the Political Science National Honor Society and Lions Club of Johnson Creek. 

Carla McCormick | Closing Agent

262-361-4784 ext: 117

Carla is new to the industry and so far enjoys that it keeps her on her toes. She joined Frontier in 2016  and likes having the freedom to work independently and at her own pace. When she isn’t working, Carla enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her animals, and surfing Pinterest for recipes and travel destinations.

Education: UW-Lacrosse; Degrees in Organizational and Professional Communication

Finance Team

Carolyn Jaeschke | Accounting

262-361-4739 ext: 124

Carolyn has been working in the title insurance industry for 26 years and has been with Frontier since their doors opened. She enjoys the team effort given by all employees and that management creates a productive and friendly atmosphere.

Education: Waukesha County Technical Institute; Degree in Accounting

Joan Beres | Courier

262-361-4819 ext: 164

UW- Eau Claire, Alverno College; Associates Degree

Joan recently joined the title industry and enjoys her new profession.  She enjoys the opportunity of learning and acquiring new skills in her position. She loves the fast-paced environment, the employees she works with, and always learning interesting new things. When not at work Joan enjoys spending time outdoors doing things like gardening and kayaking.

Joan is a board member of UNLMD (Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District)