Employee Spotlight – Jason Gullett


Jason Gullett, Commercial Underwriter/Counsel at Frontier Title & Closing Services, has been with the company since September 2016. He graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2013 and passed the bar that same year. While initially working in his own private practice, a family member introduced him to title insurance. He became interested and the right opportunity to join the industry came as an underwriter in the Waukesha area.

Jason worked for about a year and a half doing commercial examining. As an attorney, he was new to this side of the real estate transaction. While learning a lot, Jason began looking for the right opportunity to grow further within the industry, utilizing his law degree in a more significant way. That’s when Trey Dittman, owner of Frontier Title & Closing Services, reached out to him to discuss how he was looking to establish commercial underwriting in the Milwaukee area. It appealed to Jason that there would be more flexibility in terms of being able to help the customer. “It’s nice to be able to be a larger part of each deal on the commercial side.” He liked how Frontier Title and Trey were making this new commitment in the commercial space. So Jason committed to Frontier Title, moving with his wife and son to the Milwaukee area from Madison.  

It’s unique for a company like Frontier Title to have an attorney full-time on staff. “It’s not as common to have somebody in my position running the commercial side of things,” said Jason. In terms of the day-to-day role, the largest thing Jason does is examining. “It’s putting together a commitment, and then making sure that everything on the commitment is as accurate as possible and accommodates the customer’s needs.”

Jason enjoys working at Frontier Title with his attorney background. “The biggest thing to me is that I have the chance to still work with clients in a customer service environment.” He adds, “It’s refreshing to work with clients in a way that is actively helping them get something that’s going to see a definite result.” He mentions that he and his team ultimately try to get the customers to ‘yes.’ That is when the closing goes through successfully. “Sometimes getting to ‘yes’ involves more complicated problems and problem-solving.”

Part of Jason’s role also involves serving as in-house counsel. He enjoys the variety in his job. What he also appreciates about title insurance versus private practices is that there is an end to his day. He’s able to go home to spend time with his family. “Frontier is a really great company for being able to make sure you have that home balance.” He adds, “It’s a far more relaxing setting to be in and it makes work far more enjoyable.” Outside of Frontier Title, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son. He’s a rugby player so he will oftentimes travel to neighboring states to compete.

Jason enjoys seeing the closing process all the way through. His customers know they’re getting him and not one to two other examiners. It’s a personal experience. He also prides himself on building relationships with customers and makes sure to get in touch immediately with them to answer any questions or concerns. “You can really develop a trust in the products you’re getting. I feel like I have a strong background to be able to do that.” He adds “The consistency and the availability, and the communication I’m able to give, I think it’s been a very positive impact for our customers.”

Many of the employees of Frontier Title have been in the industry for numerous years. They’ve been a great resource and wealth of knowledge to Jason and each other. “Not only do we try to get to ‘yes’, we try our best to make it a really smooth and enjoyable process.” He adds, “Our goal is to get you to the closing table as stress-free as possible and with the outcome you desire. We’re on your team.”