For Sale by Owner

For Sale By Owner Information

More and more people like you are successfully marketing and selling properties by yourselves. At times you may be challenged by questions about marketing, closings, legal forms, and title insurance.

Getting Started

Our company, Frontier Title and Closing Services, can help you by making the transaction a little easier. We have helped many “For Sale By Owners (FSBO)” successfully complete the real estate transaction while saving them money. These are all important items to consider when you are selling your home.

Free Real-estate Forms

Once you put your property on the market, it’s important to have the necessary real estate forms available. When a buyer comes through your door and wants to buy your home, you’re ready. We have the real estate forms you need free of charge. Some of the forms we offer include:

  • Offers to Purchase
  • Counter Offers
  • Real Estate Property Condition Report
  • Lead Base Paint Disclosure (Addendum S)

Contact us to obtain these real estate forms.

Title Insurance

As the seller, you will need to provide an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance to your buyer before the actual closing. Title Insurance is an insurance policy that protects you, the insured, from claims on the property in regard to ownership. It protects against problems that occurred before you became the owner and defends you from anyone filing a claim against your property.

Defending your property against a false claim can be costly and time consuming. Title insurance protects you against the loss of time and money while defending yourself against these claims.

The cost of your Title Insurance is based on the sale price of your property. The price can also be affected based on the availablity of your title policy.

Frontier Title and Closing Services will be happy to provide a price quote for your Title Insurance even if you decide to list your house with a Realtor at a later date. Click here to complete the FSBO information form. You, as the seller, are responsible for this fee, so it pays to compare, particularly if the real estate company you choose has its own title company.

Our closing package

Now that you’ve found the buyer, where do you go for the Closing? Frontier Title has closed thousands of real estate transactions just like yours. We will take care of preparing the legal documents, such as the Deed, Transfer Return, Owner’s Affidavit and Closing Statement. In addition, we take care of ordering the pay-off of your current mortgage and attend the closing with you on your behalf.

After the Closing is completed, we follow up to make sure your documents have been filed and recorded with the Register of Deeds. We help you with any questions you may have along the way. All of this is included in our Closing package.

The Process is simple

For Frontier Title to begin working on your Title Insurance and Closing documents, we will need some information from you.

  1. Completed buyer/seller information form.
  2. Copy of your signed offer to purchase and any amendments to the offer.
  3. Copy of your previous title insurance commitment or policy, if available.
  4. Copy of your paid tax bill for the most recent year.
  5. Copy of any outstanding bills in connection with the sale or repair of your property that have not been paid by the time of closing.
  6. Name, account number and phone number of any current mortgage holders.

After we receive the necessary paperwork from you, the closing can take place in as little as ten working days.

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