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Frontier in the Field: June
Our Escrow Manager/Inspector was busy in June visiting many job sites. It’s not uncommon for her to do nearly 100 inspections per week, making sure that every dollar disbursed represents product that’s onsite and installed. It’s just one of the ...
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Employee Spotlight: Dawn Starbuck
Dawn Starbuck, VP of Business Development at Frontier Title, has been in the title industry since 1985. Prior to that, she worked as a travel agent. When Dawn transitioned into the title industry, she worked in many different departments. She ...
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Employee Spotlight: Cheryl VanOppen
Cheryl VanOppen, Closing Manager at Frontier Title & Closing Services, has been involved in the title industry for 26 years. She started in Peoria, IL working for Chicago Title doing commercial closings. She ran the closing department, the construction department, ...
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Employee Spotlight: Callie Snyder
Callie Snyder, the Production Supervisor at Frontier Title, graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in Social Welfare and has worked in the title industry for 16 years. She has been at Frontier Title since 2010 where she says, “I think ...
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Frontier Welcomes New Employee
Frontier Title is excited to welcome its newest employee, Tanner Federspill. Sales Team – Tanner Federspill, Account Executive Tanner is new to real estate but comes from a family that has been involved in the real estate industry for years. He has ...
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Employee Spotlight: Brenda Fitzpatrick
With 31 years of industry experience, Brenda Fitzpatrick is Frontier Title’s Escrow Manager and Inspector. She has been with Frontier Title since its inception in 2010. But Brenda will be the first to tell you, “I’ve always been an anomaly ...
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