Why We Have So Many Builders as Customers

Why do we have so many builder customers? It has always been a strategy of ours to engage the building community. We have gone into it with the building community as a business partner as opposed to them being a customer of ours and this has helped our business grow. To learn more about our Builders as customers and how we help the building community, please tune into this video!


The question has been, why do we have so many builder customers, I think since the inception of Frontier, it’s always been a strategy of ours to engage the building community. And I think we’ve gone into it with the building community as a business partner as opposed to them being a customer of ours. I think the lending community has seen what we have done with the builders, and the biggest thing that I think we have implemented is the ability to get cash flow to the building community on a timely basis. They are beholden on title companies coming out, inspecting on a timely basis, getting that money back to the builder. It used to be that that was sometimes a two to three-week process in order for builders to get paid. We have taken that and shrunk that down into a 48 hour, 72-hour process where we’ve gone out, inspected, and funded those drawers. That keeps the builders’ subcontractors paid, their customers happy because the project is moving, and as we’ve gone along, the lending community has seen how smooth that transaction is and said, OK, from now on I think we’re going to work with Frontier Title and we’ve been able to build a huge base in the building community.

Experience Of The Staff at Frontier Title & Closing Services

At Frontier Title & Closing Services not only is our staff experienced and very knowledgeable to help our customers in a variety of situations, but they are like family to us and they are apart of our team. At Frontier Title & Closing Services we are a 10-year-old company with staff members who have 20, 30 years of experience in the industry and have been with us since the beginning. We must treat our staff well because, in turn, the real estate community treats them well. To learn more about our staff and Frontier Title please tune into this video!


I get excited talking about our experience staff because I believe that there are very few title companies out there locally that have the experience and wherewithal that Frontier Title & Closing does. We have a very experienced group, they are family, they’re part of a team. We are in touch with the real estate community, they know that we are a full-service title company. We do, you know, residential, commercial, new construction, reify, we’ve worked with the legal community because they’re a big aspect of the real estate community as well. But I think the reason why we retain these people the way we do is we give them the freedom and the confidence to work and to work on their own. And we back them up one hundred percent. And I think they return that favor back to us by years and years of longevity. We’re a 10-year-old company, and yet we have people that have 20, 30 years of experience. And they’ve been here from the day we opened up Frontier Title 10 years ago. And I think the reason that they stay is they know that it’s a team environment. They know that they’re valued, they know that their work is valued, and we appreciate it and show it to them in many different ways and capacities. And I know that the lending in the real estate community appreciates the fact that we treat our people well and they, in turn, treat them well.

How Are We Helping The Lending Community?

At Frontier Title and Closing Services, we have been given the opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic to help the lending community in a variety of ways that have helped bring business and trust to us as well. To learn how we have been able to help, please tune into this video!


The question is, what have the changes in the lending community done to title companies as a whole? And I think the changes in the lending community have been significant and especially financially, the margins that they’re working off of aren’t as deep as they used to be. And plus, during the COVID pandemic, many bank branches are closed and they’re not having people come into the lobby. So they’ve asked the title community, can you take on a larger role in the closing process? And we are happy to oblige, and we’ve gone out and been able to manage that process and point to the four locations that we have in the metropolitan area and utilize that in an effective way that I believe that we’ve gotten the confidence of the lending community and more work has certainly come our way.

Why Give Us A Chance?

At Frontier Title & Closing Services we believe if you give us one chance, we will have you for life. To learn why, please watch this video!


I think the reason why we go out and we have entered all these different markets is we are not shy about asking for the opportunity on your next transaction to show you what Frontier Title & Closing can do. And we’ve done that in the other three offices that we’ve opened up in the past three years or ten years. I’m sorry, but now we’re down in Racine and Kenosha and we’re asking a whole new customer base to give Frontier Title & Closing an opportunity. All we ask for is one opportunity, one opportunity to show you how fast we can turn products around, how fast, and how complete we can get your closing taken care of. Give us one chance on your next transaction and we will show you why we are so well regarded in the real estate community. We believe if you give us one chance, we will have you for life.

Why Frontier Title & Closing Services Added an Office in Racine/Kenosha

One of the reasons why we moved down to the Racine/Kenosha area is because of the same passion that we bring to the title, production, and closing aspect of the real estate transaction, we are also bringing these aspects down to Racine and Kenosha. To learn more about why we added this office and how it is helping Frontier Title & Closing Services, watch this video!


I think one of the reasons why we moved down to the Racine/Kenosha area is because of the same passion that we bring to the title and production and closing aspect of the real estate transaction, we are bringing this down to Racine and Kenosha. And I believe that once we are given an opportunity, just as we were when we opened up our other three offices, once those local communities tied into Frontier, they understood that these guys know what they’re talking about. They have a great expertise level and that they’re going to treat my transaction in a professional manner and I am going to get paid and we are going to keep involving Frontier over the course of our careers. And that has happened and sustained itself in our other three offices, and now we’re bringing that down to Racine and Kenosha and we couldn’t be happier.

Frontier Title Continues Significant Growth, Opens New Office in Racine/Kenosha Market!

Racine Office Staff

Trey Dittmann, president and owner of Frontier Title & Closing Services, has opened an office in Racine to meet a surging demand for real estate services in the Racine-Kenosha market. It’s the latest expansion for a company that prides itself on being nimble, offering a full array of services, and cultivating a talented staff.

In an interview, Dittmann explained his drive to remove obstacles for developers and real estate professionals as they rush to meet current customer needs – needs that have escalated thanks to low interest rates and sub-optimal inventory. And he discussed the business practices that have positioned Frontier to respond swiftly to opportunities.

Frontier Title & Closing Services is headquartered in Hartland and has offices in Johnson Creek and Milwaukee. With its fourth office in Racine, Frontier’s team now covers 10 counties in southeast Wisconsin. “This has been the biggest growth year in real estate in my memory,” Dittmann said. “If your house is priced right and looks good and ready to go, it’s not uncommon to have several offers come in the first day, many of them exceeding the original asking price.”

Inventory pressures have sparked intense activity in the new-construction residential market, which is where Dittmann is seeing most of Frontier’s growth right now. “We’ve seen lots of new builders get back into the building enterprise … And those new people have got probably three to eight homes going during the course of the year and, that’s going to sustain them and grow them as this market keeps expanding over the course of the next year, which we fully expect it will do.”

Adding to the sense of urgency, says Dittmann: an anticipated rise in lumber prices. “People are getting their lot secured and trying to get contracts with builders signed before the new year to get ahead of rising lumber prices. I think people realize that now’s the time to move and a lot of them certainly have.”

With things moving so fast, buyers, sellers and lenders need a title service team that knows how to hustle. Frontier can do that.

One reason, says Dittmann, is that Frontier is a “one-stop shop” that can handle the full scope of services for commercial and residential transactions. Frontier’s expert staff handles title insurance, closings, inspections, underwriting, escrow services and more. “We’ve got every angle covered: the lender side of it, the builder side of it, the consumer who’s building a brand-new home.” Multiple offices and a deeply experienced staff enable the Frontier team to redeploy quickly to meet shifting demands.

Dittmann also credits Frontier’s closing department as “very, very experienced” and very versatile. “One of the things that sets our closing department apart is that it serves not only the lender side, but the seller side as well. And our closers have to know both sides.” In practical terms, that makes Frontier’s team able to respond quickly to unexpected needs – which in today’s environment happens more often than not.

 “All of a sudden, the lender may call up and say, hey, we don’t have anyone available. Can you close for us on our behalf? And, you know, we’re doing that on the fly constantly. That adds a lot of stress and adds a lot to the plate. But at the same time, Wisconsin’s real estate community knows that Frontier has the personnel to get the job done.”

Add in-house legal counsel to Frontier’s array of experts, and it means “a full-service title company that can handle all the production work that goes along with new construction, and can get title reports out on a timely basis. Those are important to all the players. We understand that.”

It’s clear that Dittmann takes pride in expediting the flow of money so that everyone can be successful – the builder, the builder’s vendors, the lender, the realtor, the buyer, and others. “The Builder’s Association down here wants a good title company that’s all about expediting funds and getting funds to the builder in order to keep these projects moving. And that’s what Frontier is all about. We are all about expediting the process of moving funds so you can move your project forward.” That holds just as true for lenders and realtors: Frontier’s dependability and expertise will minimize complications and ensure there are no surprises during a refinancing or on closing day. “Purchase transactions can sometimes be hectic and fast-moving,” said Dittmann. “Realtors and lenders know that we deliver accurate, prompt results no matter what the circumstances. They can count on us to smooth the process for everyone.”

Few people have as much insight into Southeastern Wisconsin real estate trends as Dittmann, who has been in the business for 29 years. He started Frontier Title & Closing in 2010 and has consistently expanded since. From where he sits, residential real estate is a bright spot right now. “There’s not really a sleeping part of the of the Milwaukee metropolitan area.”

The Racine-Kenosha area stands out, Dittmann says, for some additional factors driving growth: the completion of the I-94 north-south freeway project; new feeder highways being added; and employers such as Foxconn, Amazon, and Uline along with the industries and jobs they support. “We feel that our title company is well placed in a market like this. And we’re really looking forward to growing with the community down here.”

Frontier’s expansion into Racine-Kenosha was in part at the invitation of developers they’ve worked with who are pursuing opportunities there.  “Builders and developers that we have worked with in places like Brookfield and West Allis were saying, ‘Boy, I wish you were down in the Racine-Kenosha area.’ Now we are.”

When your customers start asking you to follow them to a new market, you’re doing something right. Dittmann gives a lot of the credit to the talent on his team, and he works hard to cultivate that talent.

“We’re all about retaining employees,” he said. “We have an immense amount of experience in our underwriting department. Our loan people have anywhere from 10 to 15 to 30 years of experience. Those are the people that you want to retain, so we want to make Frontier a good working environment.

“And that is something Frontier is known for: Good people, knowledgeable people, people you can count on.”

Frontier Title Employment Opportunity

We are looking for an outstanding sales leader who will be a key member of our team and drive our growth in the exciting greater downtown Milwaukee market. Our ideal candidate has experience in title insurance or a financial/real estate background, but if you’ve got a proven record of sales success in the Milwaukee marketplace, we’d want to talk with you!

Our firm is a locally owned, growing title insurance company focused on working with financial institutions, real estate companies and brokers, developers and new construction companies. We offer our clients underwriting, in-house inspection services, escrow, in-house counsel and quick document turnaround. We’ve built a terrific reputation based on incredible service and our in-house support functions, which differentiates us from our competitors.

If you possess the following skills and qualities, you are the ideal candidate and we want to hear from you immediately!

  • 3-5 years of selling expertise in residential and commercial title sales experience (highly preferred) or sales experience with developers, financial institutions and/or attorneys
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent training in business or sales management in lieu of degree
  • Established networks with developers, financial institutions, and attorneys will put you one step ahead on financial rewards and success
  • Proven sales leader with a track record of meeting goals and objectives
  • Possess a go-getter, success-oriented personality
  • Effective communicator both written and verbal
  • Thrives on developing strong partnerships and client relationships
  • Implement and excel in a variety of sales techniques, understand that cold calling and networking is a key to your success
  • Enjoys presenting to new and existing clients
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License

Our organization offers incredible benefits including 401K, health, dental and vision plans, paid vacation, local travel reimbursements and more. Your income is based on your sales aptitude and drive for superior performance. Salary and bonus commensurate with experience. This position is based out of our office in the heart of the Milwaukee market located in the business savvy Third Ward.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Time Off

COVID-19 considerations:
During Covid-19, our sales team has worked remotely from home, shifting their selling efforts to direct phone calls, virtual meetings and other electronic communication.


  • sales: 3 years (Required)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • driver’s license (Required)

Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

Paid Training:

  • Yes

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented — quality and precision-focused
  • Outcome-oriented — results-focused with strong performance culture
  • Stable — traditional, stable, strong processes


  • Monday to Friday

Work Remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19


We want to welcome the newest addition to our team: Kaitlin Montalvo!

Kaitlin joined Frontier Title in early February of 2020 as Commercial Closing Coordinator.  Following graduation with a BA from the University of Colorado in 2013, Kaitlin worked as a commercial closing assistant for a title company in Colorado Springs.  She enjoys coming together and solving problems that others would see as a challenge. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and her four dogs.

We could not be happier having Kaitlin on our team.  Click here if you want to know more about Frontier Title, our services and our strong commitment to customer service, or want to contact Kaitlin directly.  

Frontier Title Employment Opportunities

Looking to join the Frontier team? Frontier Title and Closing Services, LLC is seeking a Full-Time Closing Agent to join our dynamic and growing team. Main duties include, but are not limited to, preparing buyer and seller closing statements, ensuring clear title is conveyed, and coordinating closing dates, times and locations.

If you are interested in applying for any position and would like to submit a
resume online, please visit Career Opportunities to apply, or contact the appropriate staff member listed below:

Jessica Henschel, Closing Manager
, (262) 361-4697 or by email jhenschel@frontiertitlellc.com.
Kim DeMartino, Closing Manager, (262) 361-4825 or by email kdemartino@frontiertitlellc.com.

Dawn Starbuck, VP of Business Development, (262) 361-4815 or by email  dstarbuck@frontiertitlellc.com

Callie Snyder, Production Manager, (262) 361-4510 or by email csnyder@frontiertitlellc.com.


Frontier Title is Excited to Welcome Ryan Jacobi!

We want to welcome the newest addition to our team: Ryan Jacobi! Ryan will be working with us as our Legal Counsel/Commercial Underwriter. 

Ryan knew he wanted to be a lawyer since he was about eight years old when he first started reading John Grisham novels.  Those classic books piqued his interest in law and sparked his excitement to pursue law as a career. He received his undergraduate at UW-Madison, and after graduation, decided to pursue his legal passion at Marquette University Law School.

At Marquette, he focused his studies around tax and real estate law.  Through his studies, he had the good fortune of being mentored by the now-Dean for Admissions, Vada Lindsey.  Following graduation, he decided to start his own firm, focusing on real estate and transactional law.

Ryan was initially intrigued by his own experiences working with title companies and how their roles played an integral part in his clients’ transactions.  Over the years, he had the pleasure of working closely with numerous underwriters, examiners, searchers, and closers in the field. Because of these experiences, his transition into his role with Frontier came with confidence.  

‘While I loved having my own firm, I didn’t realize how much I missed working with a team.” –  Ryan Jacobi

Ryan loves engaging with the culture that Frontier Title has to offer. He finds that our open door policy, and role specifications, meet, and exceed, his expectations. 

Since his last role did not involve working with a team, he has found a new routine that allows him to interact, support, and be able to depend on a great group of professionals. 

In Ryan’s free time he enjoys the company of his wife, Kristin. They are loving life with a new kitten that has been creating lots of hijinks!  He and his wife love to travel and are currently planning a trip to New York City where they will celebrate their first anniversary.  Ryan is also a seasoned, self-taught pianist and has been playing since fifteen years old!  When he’s not composing music or spending time with friends and family, he’s likely engaging in the one passion that started it all: reading.

We could not be happier having Ryan on our team.  Click here if you want to know more about Frontier Title, our services and our strong commitment to customer service, or want to contact Ryan directly.  Also, visit his Linkedin Page here. 

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