What Are the Benefits of Obtaining Commercial Title Insurance?

At Frontier Title, we do everything in our power to show you why you should never purchase a commercial property without Commercial Title Insurance. These types of purchases are usually substantial investments and will need to be protected. 

Whether your interest is in investment real estate or to purchase a property as a home for your business, we have you covered. Get the protection you deserve and need with the help of our skilled team of professionals.

Three Reasons Why You Need Commercial Title Insurance

Provides a Full History of the Property

Running a title search on the property you wish to purchase in may save you in the long run. This search can reveal crucial errors in documentation and help you resolve them before you take the plunge.

A title search does not just trace ownership, but also looks at liens and other encumbrances, such as easements, that have been made against the property. During the search, every effort is made to ensure that chain of ownership, liens, and encumbrances are known.

Provides a Backup Plan to Prevent Future Claims

Title insurance is an integral part of both the due diligence phase and the closing process in commercial real estate transactions.

All parties to the transaction have a vested interest in what is usually a high stakes process.

By leveraging our team of skilled professionals, you will have peace of mind knowing that a complete examination of the property ensures a smooth transfer of ownership and clean title.

Title insurance protects both seller and buyer against a future claim by a third party of any rights to the property.

Defends You From Legal Action on Your Property or Investment

Lenders risk large amounts of capital and need protection on their investment

We provide many products and endorsements to insure against later problems that may cover matters such as boundary errors, zoning conflicts, and environmental issues affecting the property.

Our expert team of professionals have a thorough understanding of the various endorsements and serve as resource for you in providing the information you need.

Depending on the policy and endorsements purchased, we will investigate a challenge or possible claim that may come up later and help to defend you against it.

Meet the Team

Ryan Jacobi

Legal Counsel/ Commercial Underwriter

Kaitlin Montalvo

Commercial Closing Coordinator



    • A local full-service title and escrow team with a relentless focus on personalized service. 
    • Our streamlined management process allows you access to those involved in bringing your deal to the closing table.
    • With over 60 years of combined experience, our dedicated team offers unparalleled insight into each deal and its inherent complexities. 
    • Our finely tuned underwriting practices allow for a process that anticipates your needs so the transaction is completed within the timeline you desire. 

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