How Are We Helping The Lending Community?

At Frontier Title and Closing Services, we have been given the opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic to help the lending community in a variety of ways that have helped bring business and trust to us as well. To learn how we have been able to help, please tune into this video!


The question is, what have the changes in the lending community done to title companies as a whole? And I think the changes in the lending community have been significant and especially financially, the margins that they’re working off of aren’t as deep as they used to be. And plus, during the COVID pandemic, many bank branches are closed and they’re not having people come into the lobby. So they’ve asked the title community, can you take on a larger role in the closing process? And we are happy to oblige, and we’ve gone out and been able to manage that process and point to the four locations that we have in the metropolitan area and utilize that in an effective way that I believe that we’ve gotten the confidence of the lending community and more work has certainly come our way.

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